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Description: PerennialUpright and bushy with soft green leaves that are serrated and aromatic.Flower the whole summer.Height 75cm and spread 60cm.Hardy variety.Stronger than Candican.Will need a light trim after winter.Full sun.Ideal for hedges, lining walkways and mass planting.Plant 1½m apart...
Group: Lavender
Spinach - Bright Lights
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Description: BiennialNew variety of spinachCan take heat, drought and coldFull sunPick leaves regularly to promote new growthBright stems look pretty in the garden Culinary Uses: Does not have a bitter tasteUse whole leaves fresh in saladsCut coloured stalks in thin rings - add to salads for...
Group: Spinach
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Description: PerennialHardy, erect, evergreen shrub with deep-green ovate-lanceolate leaves up to 5cm long, which have a juniper-like aroma when crushed.Bears fragrant white flowers with golden stamens in summer, followed by blue-black berries.Can grow up to 3m. Culinary Uses: Add a...
Group: Decorative foliage plants
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Description: PerennialTall clump-forming perennial with a thick taproot and oblanceolate toothed leaves.Bears clusters of sky-blue( occasionally pink or white) flowers throughout summer.The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs).Can grow in any well-drained soil.Hardy.Full...
Group: Chicory
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Description: PerennialEvergreen shrub with soft green deeply veined leaves, that contains large amounts (up to 5% in dry weight) of stevioside - a sweetener estimated to be 300 times as sweet as sugar.It bears clusters of small white flowers in late summer, needs full sun and can grow up to more...
Group: Stevia
Basil - Sweet, Large Leaf
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Description: AnnualAnnual, spicy clove-like aromaUse in companion planting Culinary Uses: Italian cooking.Basis of pesto sauce.Tomato, pasta, soup, salads and vegetables.Reduce the use of saltChicken, fish, variety of sauces Parts Used: Whole plant. Leaves, flowers, seeds. Medicinal Uses. It...
Group: Basil seeds
Artichoke - Globe, Green
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Description: PerennialLarge and striking perennial vegetable with arching silvery-green deeply toothed leaves.It bears thistle-like flowers, 8-15cm across with numerous triangular scales and green florets.It needs space in full sun and well-drained soil. Culinary Uses: The flower heads are...
Group: Artichoke seeds
Rosemary - Irene
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Description: PerennialEvergreen shrub - low-growing, prostrateDark blue flowers - grow up to 50 cmFull sun, well drained alkaline soil pH 5-8Hardy, drought tolerantGrow well in containers/ plant as a hedge Culinary Uses: Pine-like aroma - strong herb - use sparingly - fresh or driedSuperb in...
Group: Spices
Sunflower - Miniature
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Description: AnnualAnnual, thick hairy stems, broad ovate hairy leaves, large daisy-like flowers.Attract beneficial insectsPollen free - ideal as a cut flowerHardy.Full sun.Drought tolerant Culinary Uses: Seeds are eaten fresh/roasted, saltedSeedlings - add to salad / sandwichesFlowers - add to...
Group: Decorative sunflower
Mint - Peppermint
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Description: PerennialGroundcover.Partial shade/ full sunIdeal container plant Culinary Uses: Sweet dishes, puddings, saladsMint sauce, peas, carrotsTea, ice-tea, fruit juice. fruit drinks Parts Used: Leaves Medicinal Uses. It is said that: Most medicinal value of all mints.High content of...
Group: Mint
Marjoram Sweet
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Description: Perennial Culinary Uses: Spicy flavour.Ingredient of Mixed Herbs.Blend well with thyme and basilMeat, poultry, salads, pizza, pasta, eggs, potatoes, fish, soup, etc.Salty - reduce the use of salt Parts Used: Leaves and flowers Medicinal Uses. It is said that: Stomachic, colic,...
Group: Marjoram
Coneflower - Pink
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Description: PerennialHardy rhizomatous perennial, hairy, ovate-lanceolate leaves.Bears pink daisy-like flowers with a central spiky cone that becomes more pointed as the plant matures.Full sun and drought tolerant.Plant dies down in winter.Can plant in a container.Cover with compost in spring and...
Group: Echinacea


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