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Herbs and spices seeds

Artichoke - Globe, Green
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Description: PerennialLarge and striking perennial vegetable with arching silvery-green deeply toothed leaves.It bears thistle-like flowers, 8-15cm across with numerous triangular scales and green florets.It needs space in full sun and well-drained soil. Culinary Uses: The flower heads are...
Group: Artichoke seeds
Basil - Sweet, Large Leaf
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Description: AnnualAnnual, spicy clove-like aromaUse in companion planting Culinary Uses: Italian cooking.Basis of pesto sauce.Tomato, pasta, soup, salads and vegetables.Reduce the use of saltChicken, fish, variety of sauces Parts Used: Whole plant. Leaves, flowers, seeds. Medicinal Uses. It...
Group: Basil seeds


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