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Rosemary - Irene
  • Rosemary - Irene

Rosemary - Irene

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  • Perennial
  • Evergreen shrub - low-growing, prostrate
  • Dark blue flowers - grow up to 50 cm
  • Full sun, well drained alkaline soil pH 5-8
  • Hardy, drought tolerant
  • Grow well in containers/ plant as a hedge
Culinary Uses:
  • Pine-like aroma - strong herb - use sparingly - fresh or dried
  • Superb in cooking
  • Use in bread, biscuits and scones, stews, soups and sprinkle over vegetables.
  • Oven baked meat and poultry
Parts Used:
  • Leaves, sprigs and flowers
Medicinal Uses. It is said that:
  • Improve memory, stimulate nervous system
  • Anti-oxidant and inflammatory
  • Inhibit free radical damage and strengthens capillaries
  • Raise low blood pressure
  • Chew a rosemary flower to cleanse breath after eating garlic
  • Treat depression, migraine, liver disorders, sluggish digestion and long term stress
  • Antiseptic gargle and mouth wash
  • Hair rinse - treat dandruff, hair growth and for additional shine
Kind of spice:Rosemary
Information is up-to-date: 16.04.2012

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